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Copper in the Stripping Run?

edited November 2015 in Beginner's Talk

When stripping the wash does it need to have any contact with copper? Right now I just use stainless steel pipe and no copper at all when doing my stripping runs. When doing the spirit run I'm using a couple bubble cap plates, just wondering if I would get a better product if I included some copper in both runs?

Oh yeah I have another couple rookie question:

  1. What side of the "U" bend at the top of the still should I put the thermal well? Above the dephlegmator or above the shotgun condenser? You can turn it and place it on either side, if you know what I mean....
  2. What should you cut the low wines with to bring them down to a lower ABV before doing the final spirit run. Cut them with distilled water, more wash or backseat from a previous run?

Thanks for the help! ^:)^


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