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Internal Plate Bypassing



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    @jacksonbrown said: I just don't think we have good enough control over reflux the way things are done at the moment.
    My column looses a couple hundred watts just to passive reflux. You don't see many craft guys insulating their columns though.

    Easy enough to do though - the column insulation is flexible poly foam - easy on-easy off - held in place by the sight glass flange - makes a big difference


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  • Great solution. Where do you get that stuff?

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    In my case it can from the innards of an old digitizer I tore apart, but it's just closed cell poly foam - try your local rubber merchant or hardware store - you can also get similar stuff here with alum foil coating from brew shops I think.... - I just made a thin cardboard template and cut out the shapes with a scalpel - about 10-12mm thick would be good - mine's about 7mm but I can fit 2 layers on - (I don't bother - 7mm is fine) - cut the ends of one side a bit longer than the other so they squeeze in behind the flange and hold the other end - simple
    The boiler insul is carpet underlay held on with bulldog clips - the top is cut to shape in 2 parts It all comes off and goes on in a jiffy


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    Here is how the Germans do it.

    I'll try again to upload my video later. :|

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    Here is my YouTube vid. This set up was on their 5000L still.

  • Seriously thank you @Knafs, this is very useful. Its nice to know their design perfectly coincides with the plan my dad and I have drawn up to potentially try out on my new column.

  • @Knafs , you wouldn't happen to be able to grab critical dimensions from that section? I'd love to draw it up the entire plated sight tee to scale

  • @Kill_Devil_Spirit_Co you're welcome!
    @TheMechWarrior the class I was taking at the faculty ended today. I might go back, but it will be a few months before I'll be able to go back.

  • @Knafs said: Here is my YouTube vid. This set up was on their 5000L still.

    Man that single DC looks like a relatively small diameter? Seems that plate could easily be overwhelmed and flooded? Any idea about the collection speed on that design?

    Seems like a 5000L kettle charge is one long ass day.

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  • Two downcomers one can be lowered for use as a plate drain or plate dis-abler i think...

  • Ah yes now I see the other.

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  • I believe the 5000L runs 16 plates in two columns and takes 5-9 hours depending on what they are producing. The columns are massive, 16" or 18" diameter, each 20' tall. It was pretty automated, one person ran the whole thing, including mashing and fermenting.

  • oh, and the downcomer pipe was around an inch, maybe 3cm.

  • Yeah the kothes the guys here have are fully automated touchscreen. I think the only things that aren't are the kettle drain valve and the column bypass valves and plate bypass levers.

    They won't sell you the lighting set up separate either... jerks

  • 2000L kettle ( 4 mm copper) is 78k from them.

    Just the kettle !

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  • I have several standard quotes from them, it's all fairly outrageous. Some of the other equipment isn't so bad, but very easy to find better pricing. Several cool features and options but to me, not justifiable to pay that much, especially as a start up. I understand the appeal, they are nice stills and make nice product but they are also cookie cutter. I'll take my adult Legos and build something unique anyday.

  • @Smaug it was probably 78k Euros! The full 2000L vodka still with 16 plates is 131k euros.

    It's really beautiful equipment and I'm sure it's spectacularly high quality, but the cost is a kick in the ghoolies.

  • I'll have to dig up my US quotes but they are old, probably cost more now. The lead time was a year minimum when I inquired so I'm sure that's up too.

  • US dollar.

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