Mash Tun Sizing

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Well I have decided to give my first all grain a try. I been doing UJSSM with different grains for a couple years and think its time. Been reading a lot on it. My fermenters are 31 gallon. My question what size mash tun to build so it is sized to my system. My boiler is a milk can 26 gal Thanks



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    Are you planning on doing a boil after mashing or going straight to the fermenter?

    Check out How To Brew or other homebrewing sites. There's tons of good information available.

  • Unsensibel I plan on fermenting on the grain, I would like to make a system like Corsair distillery has with 40 or 55 gal pot on a tippey dump frame work with a on demand hot water heater to save heat up time but with electric heat and a false bottom instead of gas heat that's sized to my fermenters.I also would like to try to ferment both ways on and off the grain.

  • You often see used soup pots in the industrial sales that would probably do what you want to do if you are distilling on grain.

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  • Is that a metric tonne or a 2000lb ton? B-)

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • punkin I have been keeping an eye out,I have been looking for a used Boiler mate they are SS pressure tanks that could be modified to work as a mash tun on the cheap.I was thinking that I could dump grain and all into the fermenters when done mashing then pump them out after the ferment and some time to allow for clearing.Is there a big differance in flavor profile if you sparge and toss the grain or leave it on the grain while fermenting? Can ya taste the difference?

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    steam kettles with pics @ AD

    this type of thing.

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  • Yes that would work nice.

  • 200l plastic drums are cheap & readily available. Add some braid or a slotted manifold & a tap and wrap in camp mat.

    Will get you 2 runs off 1 mash if my maths is right

  • @kapea always metric. English measurements are too f-in confusing...

    @punkin - those were a great steal!!!!

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    @crozdog my fermenters are Speidel 30 gal picked them up cheap at a yard sale! they have a special screw on tap I will have to modify it to take braid or a slotted manifold and wrap in insluation sounds like a plan.Pukin Im going to look at one of them mash pots next week.

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