6 Plate Ace Hybrid, VM Take Off Video

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Hi Guys

I made a few videos for YouTube showing a neutral spirit run on a 2" hybrid setup, I have a 4" torpedo, a 6 plate Ace and a 510mm packed section filled with SS Scrubbers and a VM takeoff.

Here they are

Part 1


Part 2


All comments welcome

I'm afraid the sounds not great, just done on my phone and made it up as I went along.


  • Condensing reflux half way up the column isn't a good idea IMO.
    If your plates aren't charging then your RR was probably too low.
    If the take off valve wasn't getting the right RR then your packing is probably flooding at the top, back filling and overflowing out your take off.
    When you ran without the middle RC, if you got a bit of a flush of liquid if you quickly open the take off valve then this would be the cause (you wouldn't see it if you just cracked the valve). You should be able to get your vapour temp a lot lower than that too. A sight glass above the packing would help to see what's going on but I would try less dense packing and get rid of the middle RC. What kind of power are you pushing through that 2" section?

  • Maybe put the torp up there just so you can see what's going on?

  • My first thought was of course to add the dephlagmator above the packed section, which is fairly loosely packed anyway, however the last time I run it this way it was setup only as CM and the packed section flooded a few times causing all sorts of problems.

    So I decided this time to use the VM take off and only the coil in the top section, I wasn't expecting any problems but I did find I needed more RR to run the big plate in the torpedo.

    Maybe not the most conventional way but I'm quite happy the way it worked, I still had the VM coil producing RR for the packed section, just needed a little more for the plates, I've got a good haul of clean neutral spirit.

    Just need Santa to deliver me some more 4" plates and a wider packed section to increase my product rate bring down my run time.

  • The standard filter discs can cause flooding with high reflux rates too. We are addressing that.

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  • Larger open area's in the disc? up to say 1/4" openings with a small grid bars? so you could stack scoria on them

  • The one I use is a 10 mesh viton gasket which is crossed wires about 2-3mm apart, it works well, I have the SD 2" filter disk, I'm going to use to make a recirculating carbon filter with a pump.

    Although with the setup in the video, I took the filter out, the dephlag was there for the ss Scrubies to rest on.

  • I would not rest the scrubbies on the deflagmator... that could be an issue you need a space above the deflagmator that is clear... you will need a screed or some thing to hold the scrubbies in place...

    Happy Stillin,


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    3.5L of foreshots and heads?! You should get excellent heads compression with that rig. Methinks you will find everything after the first liter is hearts.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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