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Can I ask the folks with the experience of using the bigger equipment if they can collaborate to put together a document for the folks that want to upgrade.

Everything from basic power and coolant requirements to the "I wish I had known that" sort of stuff they have learnt along the way. Perhaps a multi page document with a page for each still type.

Might as well put in 2" stuff for comparison, but I am really thinking of 3", 4", 6", 8" 10" and 12".

There are bound to be for example; a 3 plate 6" and a 10 plate 6", so there will be a flavour section and a vodka section.

Add in any parameter that you can think of that will be useful to someone considering moving up a size. What is REALLY involved with running an 8" column with 12 perforated plates?

Elements, coolant circulation pumps, minimum boiler charge, fermenter volume, wash transfer pumps, drain capacity, weight of grain to ferment for 1 batch, etc etc. Possibly in a spreadsheet format? Might be a useful guide for potential customers :))


  • Nice idea Myles. I've been trying to get threads started along this line for ages, but they always end up getting cluttered with a stack of detail that doesn't apply and makes the thread hard reading...

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  • @punkin, for creating a pure informational posting without interference you need to start a new discussion and lock it, so that nobody else can post to it. Or state the intent in the initial posting, and delete every unwanted comment. Or gather info in one discussion and post the relevant parts to a closed discussion. There is more than one way to the desired result.

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  • Pay the man Punkin... in fish or somethin...

  • I am happy to compile the data into a document. Is there a way to have a shared document or a document attached to the post that can be updated. Is there a library function on this forum? I have to admit that I know nothing about the inner workings of these forums, and the way to do things.

  • @Myles, compile that document and send it over by e-mail, I'll then have a look how it can be best presented here in the forum.

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  • @Moonshine if you have a gmail account you could set up a shared document. you can add edit or comment rights to people by using their email address.

  • @salientlucidity, sorry I'm not a Gmail user (in fact I'm a Google opponent). My idea would be to put up a discussion with the compiled document as initial posting, people can add their info to be included in comments, and I then add the info to the document. To see if that's possible, I need a first draft of that document to begin with.

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  • sounds like the site could use a wiki section. is that possible?

  • @crozdog, a Wiki would be a whole site within a site, an idea which I initially wanted to follow with a CMS as main site and the forum as a sub-site, but in the end it would mean maintaining two completely different sites and software, so I decided against it.

    The other problems I have seen with Wikis is the fact, that they mostly are not properly fed with data, too less user interaction and in the end showing incomplete, false and outdated information. To properly maintain a Wiki a whole team of moderators would be required.

    I'd say for now we use the forum for as many purposes as possible. If we really outgrow its possibilities we can always add a CMS or Wiki later on.

    The possibilities are endless, I also have our own secure (Jabber) chat server, a separate high power (forum) search engine and a new high speed server in mind. Only man hours are the limit, so one step at a time. ;)

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