Shipping Booze by Mail from Canada to US


anybody ever ship some booze (Vodka) from Canada to the US (CA & DC)? Reason I'm asking is that my wife will be travelling to Montreal and I was thinking it might be a lot cheaper to send some samples to my buddies from there than from China....with NAFTA and all. But then I did some research and found a range of opinions, so I thought I'd ask my fellow booze-buds...

My friend in Cali suggested to just label it as 'olive oil' hehe....

Also will regular mail ship it or would it be a courier service like FedEx?





  • Put it in wine bottles and use a shrink seal.

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  • Having organized homebrew competitions in the past I can tell you that it is illegal to ship alcoholic beverages via the USPS.

    It is legal to ship via private shippers (UPS, FedEx), but they can be picky about accepting it. It is best to ship the box with a contract shipping store and list contents (if necessary) as beverage samples being shipped for analysis.

    If the bottle(s) break in transit and the box leaks it will not be delivered.

    I do not know the legality of shipping from Canada to the US, but I'm guessing there may be customs involved.

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  • Just sent a package out yesterday (no alcohol) via USPS and they ask if there is anything "flammable, fragile, liquid, etc" before they will take the package.

  • I asked my local USPS fellow(my route driver who occasionally imbibes) about this recently as I was planning on sending some samples for analysis. I was told similar to above - Bottle it, shrink seal and and pack it well - send thru FedEx/UPS, otherwise I'd have to lie to the USPS and that's No Bueno for me... Not with my damn luck in things...

    And yes, if it fractured and leaked, it would not be delivered (by the pkg carriers)

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