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The Guys at StillDragon North America

Had a chance to hang out with the guys yesterday for a few hours and really enjoyed it. Got a great tour of the shop and probably left a pint of drool on the floor. It was really cool to sit and talk to people who really know this business and I came away with a LOT of ideas. For those who don't already know, they run a first class business there. Not sure what I was expecting but it was neat to see everything so laid back yet so clean and professional.

Oh, and I left with my new 5" ProCap Dash. If anyone here is on the fence about a 5", you better hurry if you are in the US. Looks like he only has enough parts to put together one more system minus the 5" clamps which I scored off of ebay. To make the decision easier, a lot of the 5" stuff is on clearance so the $$ difference between the 4" and 5" is very reasonable so I couldn't pass it up. Just waiting on the clamps so I should be doing the cleaning runs next week. I am planning on running 4 plates and when I run neutrals, I will use the top 2 bubble tees with packing in them. They didn't have any 5" column parts so I picked up 2 extra tees that I can pack. Anyone have a good source for SPP? Swede isn't responding to my inquiries. I will use scrubbies until I can find some.

These parts are really solid and well crafted. If you don't already have a SD system, don't put it off like I did.

Thanks Larry, Ari and Jeff. Had a blast.



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