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  • It's really a sad story but I'm confused how it could have happened.
    Maybe they were collecting and storing all the fores in one jug and decided to party on that? Our hobby is a potentially dangerous one but a basic internet search would yield enough information to keep such a simple mistake from ever happening.

    Label everything. Don't go on a bender drinking only the foreshots. Stay safe.

  • They were drinking biodeisel fuel apparently. Another home brew store owner that is ignorant of distilling practices.

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  • It wouldn't hurt for the journalist to do some research first and stick to the facts.

  • I really would not be surprised if there is a big crackdown / sabre rattling / how dangerous it is / terrible tragedy / can't let this happen again episode because of this. There was a big article in the Sunday Paper that goes state wide and I am sure it would have been in the other state news papers as well. 2 page spread so it definitely caught the eye, the story just seems to stay in the spotlight.

  • I have read similar stories in the paper here (in NZ). Sad yes, but it is also sad when teenagers die drinking commercial spirits and that doesn't get reported like the home brew stories do.
    I read somewhere about what is considered a lethal dose of alcohol and at the time I thought that it wasn't that much more than I'd drink as a young and irresponsible lad. Funny how things change, now I usually only ever have a couple of drinks in an evening!


  • 6 months on and? i think we herd the last... lol

  • Sad, but at one stage they charged the boys dad with manslaughter, I have not followed the story any further how-ever. What would happen if teenagers/kids got stuck into our stuff without our knowledge and got sick or worse? Who has everything under lock and key or just "out in the shed" ?



  • @fadge under lock and key for me. No kids, but you never firearms, if someone gets a hold of yours they can hold you responsible!

  • Bulk is under lock and key in the shed in a lockable cabinet, rest is locked in the house. I don't keep any high proof for that very reason.

    I've always maintained that a bunch of 13 year olds busting into your shed, could and would start a sculling competition. If there was clean 96% involved the results would be fatal.

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  • Save the fores for your mother in law. :P

    I always tip fores out only because I am the worst at labelling anything

  • Wasn't these 3 Darwin award contenders drinking shots of antifreeze with their grappa? Bio glycol grappa ice tea with mint

  • Part of biodiesel production is using methanol to break down oil. I bet they drank his methanol supply

  • I use my fores in the laundry - helps to remove the yellow stain on the shirt arm pits - soak in fores then wash as usual.
    I ain't lettin' kids get to that.

  • edited January 2014

    Quick contribution here, my alcoholic niece drank about 250ml of fores that we had in the shed for cleaning. Luckily we use grains and not fruit so she was OK. We tip the fores out now. I recon given that bloke is a grappa distiller, I would bet money that they drank the fores/ cleaning fluid.


  • run the still incorrectly and produced methanol instead of ethanol...WHAT????? Didn't know a still "produced" anything? This uninformed loser thinks that if you run the still wrong you could be making methanol instead of ethanol. Yeah, thanks pal, next we'll ask the street sweeper on why the stockmarket is dropping.....

  • HEHEHE nice!

    It is what you make it!

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