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A small Commercially Distillery built in Sweden from scratch, adapted to Swedish Laws and Regulation



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    8" product condenser is finished in the bath and it's back. Do you think that's big? ;-) I can say it is very heavy...



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    Yes, I know that my product condenser is big, but why not make it big when I have the place for it and I can do it, then I can use it even if I change the boiler in the future to 1000L and with about 66-75kW electric heating, and all columns in 12". Then this product condenser is the right size ;-) and I don't like to "dump water" before it has been inside / going through the reflux condenser as well....


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    Sieve plates made by Vendome Copper Parts in USA and here I think that @RedDoorDistillery can see how low liquid level they have on each plate and they are what a now the only manufacture that have 8" and 10" with sieve plates and in a column with about 20pc hight with sieve plates... For vodka... for E85 there is more that have this...


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    It,s going slow but forwards....

    Now a have ordered punch from china in 1.6 mm 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm to my A station, so I really can control myself to 100% which bore/hole size that is optimal/ best in 8 "sieve plates and in up to 20pc hight.

    Sieve plates with 1.5 mm holes I have both with approximately 10% holes and 7-8% hole% of the column volume.

    Soon i shall punch on all other sizes, so I can compare this with different hole sizes and even holes% and the power necessary to get them to go / distill optimally with the different sizes and the number of holes / hole% ...

    The advantage to punch all hole is that the hole really gets 100% of the size of the punch is! and not 0.1 mm larger or smaller as it unfortunately becomes laser drilling and laser drilling can as far as I know, only made in stainless Not copper then copper shall boil ...

    I should really get to the bottom of this "the best sieve plates for vodka" to 100%, I have decided for the 8 "size of the column.

    But it takes time for me because I have many other balls in the air too ...

    It was note easy to find punches to this CNC Nisshinbo MAP 500 because it is Thinn Turret on it...... But at last a find it in kina ;-)



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    Next stage of development is here!

    I'll have 3pc 5500watts element and I think that this is enough, if not I have a "free" ferrule for 1pc more....

    This is a 8" flute solution on this boiler and I can also put an automatic reflux control system (from swede) on it if that is necessary, if I need that.

    This will be number 3 in the flute development! Number 1 was the original magic flute and number 2 was MK 2 flute with 1pc big bubble cap... this I think will be number 3 with copper SPP for clean smooth vodka production.

    It will be very interesting to see how this solution will work together with manually controlled shotgun reflux cooler to start with. The length of this package is interesting to discuss, what do I have to gain by having 100 cm total length against 80 cm total length?

    In other words, to get the same results with 80cm I guess I should reduce the input power against 100 cm long column, for do I increase the speed so should reduce the number of plates as well, or am I wrong?

    But it should also be a level somewhere where maximum power and a suitable length should be met in order to achieve over 95% vodka with 4 pcs 3" pipes, and this I am very interested to now, do you have any idea of this?

    One of the reasons that I have not watched SPP or other filling materials before is that product velocity has been far too slow for me and this view, I believe I share with many others.

    With these 4 pcs 3" copper pipe so I hope I can change that opinion of myself and perhaps in others as well.

    Now I'm looking for azeotrope for vodka with a strength of over 95% and both clean and smooth... really smooth but also with maximum product flow, max speed and only one distillation to get over 95% from a 6-8% whiskey mash and with so low total height as possible.

    By the way, I am from Sweden, land of vodka..... This is not a hybrid ore anything else, it is a pure vodka column and off course it is in copper.

    What we're talking about here is a column for the production of vodka with such low building height up as possible and as easily and quickly replaced by a sieve plates or bubble caps column.

    The aim is thus to get clean and smooth vodka with a strength at or above 96% from a 6% mash and with only one distillation and with the highest possible capacity in liters per hour, my target is 12 liters of 96.5% with 12 kW in 1 pc distillation of clean pure vodka.

    It also uses all existing components from the flute and it is therefore only column that is exchanged for a different type of column which obviously can easily be cleaned by backwashing from above in the same way as sieve plates.

    If you look carefully at the structure of SPP, you will see that it has no big back side that the cleaning the water has difficult to achieve when back flushes it from above ,this is important for me, but maybe not for hobby use, or….

    Well, it is in 8" because that is my minimum size of columns that I work with, but you can also split a 4" copper tube with a + inside or replace this 4" tubes with 3 pcs 2" pipes if you do not have thumbs completely in hand ... because as you write that is SPP optimally between 2" and up to 3" size.

    If I insert a + about 5 cm high over the top of this 4 pcs 3" pipes and 5cm high 8" pipe where this + is inside and this is 100% tight at the bottom, brazed tightly then each tube / column can not get back more reflux than it self produces .... possibly, some % of the steam sneak through that small 1-3 mm than the end/top of this + that will be about that lower than the bottom of reflux cooler if it would not be the same pressure in any of these columns ...

    I will use my existing reflux condenser that has 33 pcs 15 mm tubes so it will drip reflux from all these 33 pcs evenly distributed tubes so that by the reflux would be of any pipe than the pipe itself produces I do not see as a problem actually,

    I think this might actually work, and I think 3 x 2" tubes would fit on a 4 inch plate so this solution would probably also work on a 4" fluted column although they have shotgun reflux condenser and if they also have a + in top, and then they got the vodka with the same flow as most of them have now with sieve plates, but with 96.5% and very pure vodka .... I think that this 3 pcs 2" pipes can receive / take care of about 6kw in power input.... something to think of maybe...

    So what do you think about this topic/solution the word is free !


    REMARK: This comment has considerably been reworked by Moonshine to increase readability in hope of keeping the original meaning. harley is doing very well considering he is translating from Swedish to English, and Moonshine is always here to help.

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    Just re-read this through from the beginning, amazing topic.

    Just 1 question @harley: Did you ever calculate how many smaller SD caps would be equivalent to 1 of your big caps? For comparison purposes?

    Just thinking if this would be an option. Full plate of SD caps for vodka, reduced number of SD caps for whiskey?

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    @harley has chosen to operate from other websites lately, @Myles. You may be better off contacting him on either AD or elsewhere.

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