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Dunder Pit

Hey guys,

You guys seem to have some good knowledge on dunder pits. Seems to me there is more to them than just tossing spent stuff over the garden, but I've never worried about it too much.

Recently, I've been mucking around with all grain and the waste is more significant than my trusty UJ. I got a few infections, made the shed stink, so I tossed it outside. Then the Mrs started asking what that horrid smell was? I knew it was the stinking Bourbon dunder I spread on the yard, but didn't tell her.

So, does a dunder pit do anything more than dispose of waste? Is it like a compost heap, where you need to get a microbial action happening? Do you just make a hole in the ground and pour spent snott in it?



  • I find a local farmer to give my spent grain to to feed pigs. They will eat anything. But my volume is much more then the average home distiller would go thru. The waste grain will stink bad fast. If I don't the spent grain out of my building in 1 day after using it I get a very pungent smell thru the whole building. Hot/Wet/Sugar=Nasty Bugs fast.

  • I give spent grain from all grain beer making to the neighbours chooks.

    Dunderpits are there for other reasons than disposal of waste. Those who are fans see them as a rich bank of microbiological flora and flavours therefrom.

    The rest of us see them as breeding grounds for deadly microbes that above people are wanting to ingest >:) ~:>

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  • and some of us just see em a puke pits

  • Thanks guys, I guess I'll leave the dunder pit alone then. I don't like the idea of digging up some crap from the hole and fermenting it. I guess for some it works, I'll leave it to them. I've never seen one, and I don't think I want to.

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    It's not stored in a hole but in a fermenter or bucket mate. ;)

    Dunder pits @ Artisan Distiller

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  • yeah I tried a dunder pit a few times in a 20l plastic bucket, really gross looking, end product wasn't flash I don't think I did it right? As far as the spent grains go I feed it out to the poultry they love it, the ducks get leglessly drunk on the grains but it doesn't seem to effect the chooks.

  • What's a chook?

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    @Lloyd said: What's a chook?

    Your kidding, yeah? If a duck was a dickken, a chook would be a ...........

  • From Urban Dictionary...

    1. Aussie slang for "chicken." Also, "chookie."

    2. An Aussie slang word for chicken that's commonly used as a 'nice insult,' especially when somebody has done or said something really obviously retarded that's only worth laughing about. Similar to that of a 'dag.'
      Morgan: I got hit by a bus yesterday
      Ted: oh yeah, what happened?
      Morgan: I was standing in the middle of a road
      Ted: ha, ya bloody chook

  • Well all I can say is Morgon was a goose. Only Geese stand in the middle of the road. Chooks scatter. No wonder Ted said what he did, onya Ted, your holding up the Aussie end.

    I rememer watching Mator ask lightning Mc Queen if he was "chicken", then off they went to tip tractors. Damn pixar movies and kids. I can also remember Ritchie asking Fonz if he was chicken. Fonzy was not happy.

  • I have no prior experience in Dunder pits but it does seem like everyone has sold them short If I could I would attempt one to see what comes from of these vomit baths >:) I'm thinking if you acquired the correct bacteria then sealed the container except for a breather things might just work out ??

  • Hey coops. I can see the logic in freezing some dunder for rum production, but I don't like what I'm finding about vomit pits. I don't make rum often, but so far I've had good sucess fermenting my rum and just leaving it till I'm ready to do another run. I have the room to leave a small fermenter full of rum wash. Fermented out, it seems to keep for a long time (6 months is the longest I've left it) without infection as long as the fermenter is plugged. But if I decide to stop fermenting I reckon I'd just freeze some dunder to start another batch in the future. As for Bourbon, I got no idea if a dunder pit would be benificial.

  • Yeah I won't be running any rum unfortunately for a while as I just can't get a cheap molasses Real shame I'm looking forward to having a crack

  • @nvnovrts said: Panella.

    Yes Sir,and he will ship to a lot of places!

    It is what you make it!

  • daddad
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    @cooperville said: I'm thinking if you acquired the correct bacteria...

    well some of it is easy to acquire and some not. Leave a rum fermentor dirty for a few days and you'll have the basic stuff. Add some raw molasses or cane juice and you get another type. Talk to a lab rat and there is a third. I think you can buy a vial of it.

    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

  • I suspect a lot has to do with climate. If you have the same environmental conditions as Jamaica you might get it to work. I tried it in the north UK and it didn't. It did make a toxic mess that nearly killed me though. :\">

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