Enzymes, Nutrients & Additives Oh My

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What enzymes, nutrients and additives do you use? What should I stock up on?


  • Vitamin C for the potable water supply to treat the chlorine. It also adds a little acidity.

    DAP and a multi vitamin should cover your yeast needs.

    Are you noticing your yeast struggling?

  • No struggle, but ready to try a run of potatoe vodka and it has sparked a curiosity.

  • Whole fresh potatoes or gelatinized starch? If you are going with 100% fresh potato, you'll need enzymes. I'd say high temperature alpha amylase during mashing, and glucoamylase for saccharification on the way down, don't bother with Beta. You can use malt for conversion instead if you don't care about 100% potato.

    You'll need an acid, food grade lactic or citric acid for managing pH ranges for the enzymes or malt. DAP and a multivitamin should be fine, or whatever nutrient you like. Dap+ Fermaid K (or O), etc.

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    Try Winequip
    I've bought yeast from them in the past.

  • Talk with Mike at Deltazymes for your enzyme needs

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