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SPP where do you get it?

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Im looking at getting hold of some SPP, ODIN was selling this for some time but apparently not anymore. I was particularly interested in the upgrade version for 4-7" stills. I am curious if anyone currently uses, where they got it from and the still size they are using. If you have any thoughts please chime in!


  • Well, you could always make some:

    Or try here.

  • daddad
    edited April 2015

    It isn't hard to wind but is terribly hard to cut. If you make it, it is easy to scale up for larger column dia.

    There is also a guy named BigSwede on HD and he sells it on ebay. To date he has a smaller version for 2" columns.


    The stuff labeled Previous is in my 3" and the New is in a 4".

    There are ratios for figuring the size. The dia of the bits should be approx 1/12th the dia of the column and length approx 1.5 times bit dia.

    The amount needed for a larger column is scary. A 4" x 48" column needs two gallons!

    New SPP.jpg
    800 x 452 - 40K

    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

  • If you find a supplier and want to save some money on postage I may go in with a buy mate

  • @jonno said: If you find a supplier and want to save some money on postage I may go in with a buy mate

    Yeah NP, I will keep looking for a supplier. I lack the tools/ patience to cut that many springs! I would really like to find someone who can supply SPP suitable for 4" like DAD has pictured. Seems like a perfect product for StillDragon! Wink @punkin

  • There is the vietnam source if your an HD member Big Swede drops the price about a third...

  • Big Swede is the guy to get it from. I got 6 litres of his 6.4mm SPP, when he was selling on eBay. I get 94% with 600mm of column 4inch @ about 4ltrs/hr. I think a bigger sized SPP would go higher. If you join HD and pm his he might make some bigger sized stuff.. He mentioned he was interested in experimenting with SPP for larger sized columns. I would be interested in enough larger sized SPP to fill a 1m 4inch column.

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    Manu from Artisan also sells it from Vietnam, don't know if that's the same guy as the HD member?

    Stainless Stuff

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  • That's who i was talking about for you AU guys

  • @dad said: It isn't hard to wind but is terribly hard to cut.

    Wouldn't a bandsaw slice right through it?

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • It's just 304 ss welding wire in most cases .023 to .035 diameter wire.. bandsaw blades are normally to course... unless you order a special blade or maybe a continuous edge blade like a non segmented carbide grit blade...?

    Here is a reference link to this type of blade...


  • wet saw like a tile saw with diamond blade that has no teeth, just microscopic bits of diamond impregnated... saw it used int he army to cut stainless braided hydraulic lines for helicopters...

  • Sawing or grinding it would be extremely slow.

    Wire dykes...just nip it...about 18,000 times a liter...

    Some have made pneumatic choppers that work great.

    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

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    @dad said: ...about 18,000 times a liter...

    :-O Yikes!

    That's a cut a second, non-stop for five hours.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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    Going to get some copper SPP from Poland in a few weeks! Price seems good too! The link is to the Polish equivalent of eBay, just use google translate. Or marry a Polish chick, that's what I did ;)

    If you wanna search around on that site for other offers just enter "pryzmatyczne sprezynki miedz"

  • edited April 2015

    I made a few kg of copper SPP with an electric drill and a pair of clippers. It made my hands hurt but worked really well. BTW Manu is on AD or you can google stainlessstuff

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