60 litre carboy fermenter in Australia

I found 60 litre fermenter drums at Plasdene Glass-pak for $33 + gst which is pretty good I think. Cheapest I could find in brew shops was about 65. They will also be stocking their own brand of mason jars after March. Hope this helps someone.



  • A few years ago, about 8 or so I recon, I scored 200L blue plastic barrels for $20 each that had been used only once to store/transport baby powder. Never know when or where a bargain can be had but always best to have some folding money in your pocket for when a good deal presents itself.
    Only bought two em but they made more UJSSM than you could shake a stick at.
    Took a pallet load of sugar to keep them fed. Used only one pack of EC1118 yeast for each barrel and after many, many generations the yeast bed was probably 3 to 4" thick, if not more.

    Fermenter deals are out there but its a bit like beer kegs, though - if you need one they are scarce but if you have too many then they seem to fall from the sky.

  • I was looking at the 200 litre drums here but they have all had cleaning products in them. There are pickle drums as well but they smell like a big mac and I needed something I can move. When I get better at this I will have a go at 200 litres.

  • Keep that folding money handy, big fermenters that are perfect for you are everywhere. Especially when you have more than you will ever need.
    Til then they are scarce. After then they are darn near a nuisance.

    Got a few good ~30 gallon nice free plastic fermenters from a homebrew shop just for the asking. Included about a gallon of malt in each one, too. That stuff does not drain out but is a nice free extra for the first ferment.

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    Plasdene here (the Newcastle branch) are good people and easy to deal with micki. The 60l fermenters are the same as used in the shops, you need to get taps for them too though.

    If you keep your eye on stock feed places they often get ex olive drums for around or under that money, they come in a 50-60l size as well as 90l and 205l and are easily the best for fermenters. Just fit a tank fitting and ballvalve in whatever size you like to add a drain.


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  • Agreed our local farmers monthly market nearby has heaps of ex olive drums etc in all sizes for bugger all, $15 - $30, they also have heaps of 20 or 25lt food grade tubs with lids and handles, I picked up 6 for $18.


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