New Ace of Hearts - Rum Questions

Hi all, a few questions

I've just taken delivery of a 4 plate Baby Dragon. I have for a couple of years been running the pugirum recipe/method with a simple copper pot head on my T500 boiler.

  1. Would it be advisable to still do a separate pot head strip and then a spirit run with the ACE or can I now process the wash in a single run directly with the ACE.

  2. How many of the 4 plates would it be best to use for either answer to question 1, will all 4 strip out too much flavour ?

  3. If I used all 4 plates will the tails be really compressed making it difficult to separate off the late tails as rum oils.

Regards Ethan


  • Sounds to me mate like you could do with a little reading and a few YouTube videos. I'd help by pointing you in the direction of our library but today my brain sees this site as a maze and I simply can't navigate it to find the manuals.


  • I don't think I have ever got a good rum from wash. Strip and spirit run is my vote.

  • I find rum on three plates at 88~90% beAutiful. Four plates just takes that little bit of flavor out. Depends how you like your rum?, full flavor?, clean and smooth white?, something for oaking?. I've always veiwed the pleasure of plates is no more strip runs. Bit we all have different tastes.

  • As googe and myles say, there's two ways to go and each have their fans. Now you have the equipment to be able to do single run from wash you should try it and see what you think.
    If it's not to your taste then put it all back in with a little wash and some water and run it again.

    It's a personal taste thing, you'll surely love it one way better than the other.

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