Adding 2 plates to CD

I want to add 2 plates to my 4" CD but i want one plate on the bottom flange. Is this possible? And if so what gasket do i need? Also i need to keep my parrot the same height so if i can add one plate on the bottom flange and add one glass with plate to the top for a total of six plates starting on the bottom flange, what length extension do i need to keep Parrot same height. I hope i explained this so yall can understand.


  • If by the bottom of the flange you mean between the milk can top and the first tee - then yes. 4" special gasket needed.

    A 4" tee is 6" high. So for every tee you add, order a corresponding piece on the parrot side to compensate.

  • @Drunk_cajun, a 4" CD glass is 100mm tall so you'd need to add a 100mm TC pipe to the parrot side of the still to keep the parrot at the same elevation.
    @Unsensibel is right, you'll need a special 4" gasket to add a plate to a 4" ferrule.

    If height is not a problem then add 2 glass sections instead and the 2" x 8" (204mm) to the other side and it will be very close to perfect.

    Like you, after assembling a still and getting the parrot at a comfortable height, and erecting something to hold the collection jars at a perfect distance under the parrot, I don't like to change the elevation of the output end.

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