Flattening Stainless Sheet

edited February 2015 in General

Hey all, I have a sixtel and corny keg that were removed from service at the brewery and I have opened them both up to try and do some sheet work with the stainless and I was wondering if anyone had any experience/tips regarding hand working stainless. I have opened up plenty of copper pipe in the past for this purpose, but obviously ss is a totally different animal, especially without being able to anneal it.

Right now I have 2 kegs that have had the top and bottom removed and the cylinder opened up to a now curved sheet. I have read on some fab websites of people using either heat or over bending to flatten out curvatures by countering stress in ss sheet but was curious if any of the talented individuals here had any specifics on how to do this and hopefully keep the sheet mostly smooth. Thanks in advance


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