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Meatheadinc says Hi

Hi everyone
some may know me , but for those who don't, Hi,






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  • Hellish nice equipment.

  • Nice chiller - got details?

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    Welcome mate. I was trying to decipher that first pic after you texted it to me the other day, can you tell us more about it please?

    The boiler looks fantastic.

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  • Lovely to see you here mate.

    Always loved that control box.

  • Very nice setup there, and I agree with @punkin I would love some more explanation as to how you are running this setup. Looks like a hybrid LM/VM setup with the ability to select columns individually?

  • Text says;

    Thump column on the right carter style.
    Plate column with reflux return on the left on the boiler. Condensor middle. 2" VM/LM in background.

    That'll have to do us till Meathead gets back on.

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    Left column is boiler mounted 5 Bubble cap plates with Boka head to blead fores under RC ( manual RC soon to be automated)
    Reflux return line to middle plate

    Right column is a carter head style thumper with 40mm internal thump tube. bath depth can be varied by angling the P trap and the trap can be loade by leaving the tap off at the start of the run. packed section above with scoria and copper mesh. automated rc above packing

    PC in center

    I use this configuration as a neutral rig. with high speed take off

    2" LM VM in the rear

    Hope that make sense

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  • The cooler is a split system AC with the compressor removed. eg a big radiator and fan set up. I can run all day without temp change with up 4800 watts The bin is just a tank to house the submersible pump, I don't believe I need the water reservoir

  • So take off rate with the system in LPH?

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • I tend to equalise column 1 and bleed fores/heads (2400w) then equalise column 2 and bleed heads again (2900w), by then I have 5 plates loaded in column 1 the thumper and packed section full of near 95% in column 2. Turn RC 1 down to a few millilitres/per/min( just enough to keep plates loaded) and RC 2 is automated so I set it for the same, turn up the power and push it all out.

    I have had take off at more than5 LPH @ 93-95% once loaded however I believe optimal will be about 3.5 LPH to eliminate smearing. I am still figuring out power and reflux settings to find a sweet spot to eliminate smearing. (45Lcharge@40%abv)

    I have found that the scoria helps when pushing hard as it helps to strip any tails oils pushed through prematurely from running to hard-- but only to a small extent.

  • Good to see you here Meatheadinc :-bd

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    Hi to one newbie to the forum from another :-h

  • Welcome. Nice setup!

  • Welcome meathead, your experimenting will be very welcomed here!. Didn't know you'd done the hole separate column thing!, awesome!.

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    couldn't let you have all the fun @googe

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