Stilldragon in Austria ?

Very interested in getting in touch with a Dash II Any hands on demonstration in AUstria?



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  • Click on the SD Europe link at the bottom rh part of the homepage... message from there they should get back to you very soon.

  • I think they are in process of getting their inventory in Europe not sure where thats at exactly but... SD Europe will get back to you very soon i think the distributor is here several times a day...

    What part of Austria are you in, I am in the USA.


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    Hi FullySilenced

    thanks for reply - very appreciated ! have done it - waiting for response

    found stilldragon from the "doctors" MD and wondering to get this in europe without importing it from overseas.



  • Hallo,

    locaded in the north of vienna. really nice and calm place with rapid access to the city.

    unfortunately massive floodwater now - but maximum is over.

    have a look -

    2002 it was the same - massive damage

    fire brigades are really great helping us



  • I visited your fair city a few years ago, was very enjoyable visit. As i mentioned in another thread the Danube was not quite as blue as i anticipated .... more muddy brown the time i saw it... water was high then as well... had the water been lower, i might have taken one of the boat tours.

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    the danube is never blue at all - you do not have passed anything

    if you are back next - a boat trip though the "Wachau" is really worth doing it ! There are some perfect spirit makers too.

    where are you located in the US ? Got a trainee program in seatle - but it's long ago

    was often in Chicago at ECR Congress - always in november - always ugly wether - always perfect blues events

  • I am located in Arkansas at the Texas and Louisiana borders. I lived in Chicago for a number of years, weather there can be difficult at times...

  • If only Austria and Australia was just a bit more different!!!

  • Hallo Alexander!

    Ausgezeichnet, dass Du uns hier gefunden hast! ;)

    Let's stick with English as this is the international forum. We'll get a similar forum in German language later on.

    As mentioned in my introduction and by PM we are not operational yet. The Dash 2 will be a standard stock item of course as it's just THE still to go for.

    We are here in Linz / Upper-Austria, and our intention is to demonstrate a special SD assembly in accordance with the Austrian Alcohol Tax Law ("Abfindungsbrennerei") at farmer fairs once we are up and running. Announcements and more info about distilling in Austria and other European countries will follow here in our SD Europe category.

    Till then, have fun here in our forum. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area

  • Hi Alex, Welcome to the forum.

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

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