3" Brass ferrels

When? I see you are out,Need 4

It is what you make it!



  • Scared to say how many I have for fear that I will be trampled by the mad rush.....but yes I do have 3s........No 4s ATM however. Site is updated BTW....Thanks for hanging in there.

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  • Yes, hang in there, a few 4" brass ferrules are now on the way. Getting no-lead brass custom machined here is terribly slow. And the huge order we placed for SGKs just before we realized the ferrules were running out didn't help much either. We have enough on order now that when they are finally produced we'll be swimming in them.

    The supply problems will continue for awhile longer while we sort through the rapid growth that we experienced. A few unforeseen roadbumps like our copper machine shop getting burgalarized a week ago and most of our copper was stolen. Thousands of risers and downcomers and hundreds of plates gone. We're not out any money but over a month's worth of machine time was lost. I stay in constant communication with them now as they try to get us the highest priority items first.

  • If anyone is Australia wants to use a brass ferrule, I have had great success using a 'joiner' to fill the gap left by the USA vs Aussie pipe dimensions. In USA they measure the INSIDE pipe dimensions so 2in is the INSIDE measurement. In down under, we measure the OUTSIDE dimension hence, 2in USA pipe is bigger then Aussie.


    2in brass.JPG
    588 x 462 - 25K
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    Nice tip Lawman.

    Anyone know if Aussie and European pipe sizes are the same?

  • I know you cant even get copper in Japan :((

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